Another Job Board ??

I can understand when people say the last thing the world needs is another job board. However, when talking about remote jobs, I'm often asked where can these remote jobs be found. When I've quoted other remote job sites, there often is limitations on timezones, countries, proxmity to city, job types etc. For jobs posted here, you can be sure they *must* be available to any citizen in Ireland.

I hope Remote Jobs Ireland this proves to be a contribution to growing the movement of remote work in Ireland, started by Grow Remote.

If you have any questions, recommendations or feature requests for this site, please get in touch at

How is this site built?

Remote Jobs Ireland is built using NextJS, hosted on Vercel. Data is stored in an Airtable database, with a serverless lamba to handle job submissions. It's built as a static site that regenerates every time a job is added to optimise for performance and reducing hosting costs.

If you have questions about the site's implementation, reach out to @johnbrett_ on twitter.

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